the Colors of Me


I’m Hayley!

A drop-out Bible College student, world traveler, and box full of green crayons. When I started Head in the Clouds, I was a fresh-faced eighteen-year-old who wanted to celebrate optimism, imagination, and revel in general “ohmygoshrainbowsandunicornsandhappiness”.

I like to think I continue fighting the battle against cynicism on the front lines with my sprinkle donut held high, but I also know now, that life has a lot of kale in it– (and forced food metaphors, apparently.) Despite all the realism of adult life, I still want this blog to encourage child-like excitement, fun, and whimsy. For this purpose, I have moved most deeper rumblings to Closer to the Clouds (anecdotes from ministry and the school of hard knocks), and my creative writing will soon migrate to the new and improved Papermates blog.

You can still get your satire fix at the Many Adventures of Ryan Hood

andddddd feed my vanity: music, art, social network of choice, and that one time I tried to be a fashion presence on the interwebs.

I guess that relegates this little bastion of fluff and funk (showering is optional) to a pseudo lifestyle blog (ooooooh lifestyle). Prepare for the unfinished projects, artsy vomit, and the occasional rant/philosophical musing.

Tumblr never made any sense, so this’ll have to do.

Heads up!