My Life With the Three Year Olds

I teach preschool Sunday school.

That says a lot in and of itself… but I’m often surprised at how much I learn and laugh when I’m around them.

Take last Sunday for example, I had almost lost hope in all mankind, including preschoolers, as I watched the kids play. Three little boys, two whom were friends, one who was playing alone. “Ah, it starts so early,” I thought in a sage-like manner. “The cliques, the outcasts, the world is poop.”

JUST as this thought was making its way through my cerebral cortex, one of the little boys who already had his playmate, walked across the room and asked the lone little boy if we wanted to come play with them. My heart just about melted.

Humans are like hobbits… you can know all there is to know about them (and be able to predict behavior) in a relatively short amount of time, yet, given the right circumstances, they always surprise you.

Speaking of poop, this same kindhearted three-year-old informed me that poop is sometimes green… how nice.

Keep your heads in the clouds~ Go hang out with a three-year-old.



3 thoughts on “My Life With the Three Year Olds

  1. Emily Havener says:

    Thanks for sharing Hayley. Love those kids. I got a chance to work with them one winter, and loved every moment of it. 🙂 Hope to see you soon!

  2. Señora López says:

    Awh 🙂 I’m glad they asked him to play. Kids can be so sweet and wise. (Well, the poop comment sort of ruins it, but anyway… lol.)

    BTW – I see you have Robin Hood in the sidebar. I ADORE Robin Hood (the fox). I had such a crush on him, (don’t ask me how I had a crush on a cartoon fox, but I did.) … I watched that movie probably 100 times and I still remember every line 🙂

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