My Youtube Year in Review

Hello my little raindrops!

I’m sorry if that term of endearment is belittling to any of you, but it is what it is.

Anywho, Ryan Hood is up and running by himself now–updated on Wednesdays at 12:00 pm. You should check him out if you haven’t!

This post is my own personal year in review for Youtube. Youtube has made their own, which is entertaining, but not really a reflection of my Youtube viewing habits (other than Rhett and Link). I’m not always proud of the time I spend on Youtube, (amount of not quality of) but, we all have those videos that make us effuse, “Oh man! Have you seen *such and such a video* yet?! No?! You HAVE to see it!”

This is my list!

I briefly pondered over how many videos to include in this list before arbitrarily settling on twelve. I justified this by noting the twelve days of Christmas. Thus! This is Hayley’s twelve days of Youtube countdown. Enjoy.

#1) Rhett and Link’s Spanner commercials.

Technically, I’m already cheating, because I’m noting two videos in one spot. However, I just can’t decide which one is my favorite. I’m cheating doubly, because neither was posted this year. Nonetheless, when I first saw these videos, I was nearly in tears and frantically trying to think of someone appropriate to send them to. (I chose my brother). Now, you too can enjoy the awkward hilarity that is Rusty Barefoot and Larnold Jernigan.

#2) Julian Smith– “Randy”

I tend to enjoy Julian’s older videos (my favorite is the video of his haircut), mostly because of their frequency maybe, but this was a gem. I probably watched this video around three times a day the first week it was posted. I don’t know why it’s so funny, it just is. See and believe.

#3) Jeffery Dallas– “Akbar”

This song is epic. It soars to heights not even matched by Hans Zimmer. I felt it was appropriate to list Jeffery directly after his cousin (Julian), and note that this song bumped another of Julian’s songs (Buffering) off the list. Buffering is a grand example of Julian’s musical prowess and comedic genius, but Jeffery’s tender sincerity and vocal range won out in the end. Be moved.

#4) How it Should Have Ended– “X-Men First Class”

Basically, HISHE took everything I had been saying about First Class and said it way better. Pretty much all of their videos are spot on, (the Hunger Games deleted scene is a gem) but this one was particularly poignant to me. Have all your complex “feels” resolved about First Class and live in peace.

#5 Gotye– “Somebody I Used to Know”

We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you a song that tore at my soul. I’m not sure that anyone really knows how Gotye got under our skin (and showed us his), but this song’s unique sound and eclectic music video definitely made a splash this year.

#6) Secret Agent Bob– “Llamas With Hats”

Once again, kind of a cheat because even LWH 4 is almost two years old now. However, when I need a laugh, I pull these up and instantly feel better… because nothing says happy like a sociopath llama bent on murder. Happy Christmas indeed.

#7) LBD– “Lydia vs Mr. Collins”

I didn’t think I was going to like this web show, but lo and behold, every Monday and Thursday I furtively glance at my clock every couple minutes, hoping that it magically becomes 12:00. It was hard to pick a favorite episode, but I settled on #37 because it’s smack dab in the middle, and I had to shake in silent laughter as I watched it. (You thought I was going to pick Darcy Day, didn’t you?)

#8) The Civil Wars ft. Taylor Swift– “Safe and Sound”

Okay, okay. I know it’s Taylor Swift ft. the Civil Wars, but I’m not necessarily a huge T. Swift fan, AND I LOVE THE CIVIL WARS. I have to admit though, that the first time I watched this video, I didn’t even know that it was Taylor Swift. It has a haunting melody, beautiful harmonies, and THE CIVIL WARS.

#9) Cracked– “Trailer For Every Oscar-Winning Movie Ever”

This is my last cheater video, but it’s just so true!

#10) The Hillywood Show– “Breaking Dawn Parody”

Okay, so these girls are just straight up talented. I mean really. Two sisters and a handful of friends. Their attention to detail, humor, and irony is insane. I’m not sure why no one has picked them up, but they have some mad skills.

#11) Bad Lip Reading– “Hunger Games”

It was a toss up over which BLR to pick. The Twilight BLR’s, and Russian Unicorn always have me in stitches. However, we have already parodied Twilight in this post, and Russian Unicorn falls outside of this year (I promised I was done cheating). This BLR doesn’t disappoint. Even the toughest of critics will melt at Helmsworth’s tender, “Scooby-Doo.”

#12 Dumb Ways to Die

Yep, I’m going to end with this one. I think that this video in particular captures the essence of Youtube. You watch it going, “What?!”, You’re rolling on the floor by the middle, and at the end you realize that it’s actually a PSA for Metro Trains. It’s incredibly catchy, and those little noodle men are just too cute (even in various stages of mutilation). This is it my friends. I have reached twelve, and just like at midnight when you decide you should bring the Youtube marathon sharing fest with your friends to an end (okay more like four in the morning), I need to end this post as well. Have a marvelous Thursday and be looking forward to my first vlog EVER coming soon!

Keep those heads in the clouds!



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