On the Social Media Age

So this is really just a thought that hit me as I scrolled down my “blogs followed” list. I follow crafty and/or creative people, so whenever I look at the most recent posts, I’m confronted with my lack of manifested creativity. Everywhere I turn, I am made aware of the fact that I haven’t completed any of my pre-20th century sewing projects, the illustrating I was going to do hasn’t begun, reading all of Dickens’ works will have to happen in my sleep, I’ve worn the same five items of clothing in a similar manner for the past few weeks, and my laundry still needs done.

I wasn’t going to blog today, as I’ve become too much of a perfectionist in my blogging. I don’t like to blog half-formed thoughts, but I don’t really ever fully form my thoughts if I don’t get something down. I was reading some old posts (back when I blissfully rambled on whenever the inspiration struck), and they are laden with all sorts of *writing issues*. At some point when I have the time, I will probably sit down and edit them all (broken links and over-used commas alike).

But I digress. This post is about living in the social media age.

I am on Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Polyvore, Tumblr, Pinterest, Lookbook.nu, and of course, Youtube. Several of them are even linked together. All of these sites operate under the guise (to an extent) of connecting you to other people. However, more often then not, I find that they are my “things I never have time to do” reminders.

Facebook: I’m a terrible friend
Twitter: I’m a boring person
Wordpress: I really should write more
Polyvore: Hah! Remember when I had time to make fashion collages?
Tumblr: I don’t understand… what do I do with this?
Pinterest: I fail at life.
Lookbook: I didn’t do my hair OR makeup today, let alone think about what I wore
Youtube: Remember when I said I was going to vlog? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Then there’s the ever present battle of e-life and real life.

“I should probably go clean my room…”
“Pinterest probably has some great organizing tips!”
*Spends two hours searching beard memes*

Now, let me qualify all I’m going to say by noting that I like social media. I don’t have anything against social media. My beef is mostly with our attitude towards social media. Any of these things can be wonderful accents to our lives. I would probably cry if Pinterest ever crashed, however, it seems like our online communities have become the communities that shape us and determine our values.

Is this inherently bad? Not wholly, but there is more information on the internet today than there was in the entirety of all print materials combined in the 19th century. (I made that up, but there is a stat that I read somewhere stating that essentially ((also proving my point)).)

And more information doesn’t equal good information.

We are taught to believe that information and knowledge empowers people, and it does…

But that doesn’t mean that it always empowers worthy things.

Ignorance shouldn’t be measured based on the amount of information possessed. It should be measured based on the usage of information already attained. Anyone can throw up opinions that aren’t their own on an online forum. And anyone can read, step by step how to perfect a sock bun or turn a chicken coop into a green house (or vise versa).

Unless of course you can’t read.

In which case, you’re not reading this post anyway.

But there could be some illiteracy conquering advocate who is reading this to you, in which case I apologize for generalizing.

I guess I’m just tired of the fact that I have to keep my physical life in order, and at the same time, keep up with the Jones’ in the cyberspace world.

And I am completely aware that I don’t, in fact, have to.

So here’s my challenge.

This week, sit on the couch and don’t grab the computer.
Eat dinner without watching Netflix.
Go onto Pinterest only to print out directions for something to spend your day doing.
Don’t get onto Facebook at all. Surprise! You have physical world friends!
Take pictures, get them developed, and make a collage that’s not instagrammed.
Keep your iphone in your pocket while waiting in check-out lines, doctor’s offices, restaurants, and on the toilet.
Call a friend.
Take a hike.
Watch the clouds.

Drink a coffee without feeling the need to Tweet about it.

I’m preaching to myself, guys.

And honestly, you’ll feel great.

So adieu, my little raindrops. I will be back, not to worry. I’m not quitting the e-scene… just re-prioritizing.

Stick those heads back up in the real-world clouds.



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