Five Favorite/Favourite Things

So I love lists.

Every year in my journal I write a “Hayley’s favorite things of such and such a year!” list.

I pack with lists… I plan projects with lists… I blog with lists.

Because I have been having trouble blogging on a regular basis as of late, I figured I should try to do something that would encourage me to get on here and get the juices flowing weekly. So…. list!

A five favorite/favourite thing list.

Once again, the number is arbitrary (see here)… three wasn’t enough and ten was too many. Five seemed like a reasonable list. 

Maybe you’ll learn about something you didn’t know about, or maybe you’ll want to go bash your head against something hard. Either way…


1.) Avocados. I really, really like avocados. They’re green, they’re good for you, and they taste good on about anything. Egg+avocado+provolone+pineapple+hunny bun=best fried egg sandwich EVER. I know, it sounds weird, but it tastes magical. Maybe I will post a more detailed recipe? Does anybody want it?

2.) Spelling favorite–favourite. The Brits have it right on this one. Something about that extra ‘u’….

3.) the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. This is an immersive, modernized internet version of Pride and Prejudice. The characters have Twitters, Pinterest, Tumblrs, etc. I didn’t think I would like it at first with my cinenazi tendencies (posts on the Hobbit and Le Mis soon!), and my intense love affair with P&P (Jennifer Ehle will always be Lizzy in my mind), but somehow I became hooked. 

And by hooked I mean crazy fangirl.

4.) Going granola. Mmmmm crunchy. More on this later.

5.) Plaid, flannel shirts. On me, on men, on babies, on giraffes… it doesn’t really matter on what, I just have a soft spot for flannies. Can we please make this a thing? Flannies? Plannel? “Oh, dear Alanis Morissette, I love this thing” ???

Well, that’s five!
Keep your heads in the clouds!



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