Five thoughts about one thing

In retrospect, my five favourite/favorite things post was fun… but I have changed my mind.

MY favorite things are too limiting. Nobody really enjoys a post like that unless those same five things happen to be their favorite things. And I want you all to enjoy yourselves.

Within reason.

I just had the carpets cleaned.

Anyhow, I decided to try something new. (In typical “me” fashion: bouncing to something else before the original new even grew legs.) ((Reason #3209 why I should become a nun.))

I am now going to post five thoughts about one thing.

Five… because we all know how much I enjoy arbitrary numbers, and the thing is left entirely to whatever is striking my fancy that day. I am open to suggestions as well.

Today’s thing is pudding.

Yes, I was eating a Snack Pack while the idea came to me.


1) Most pudding is good–(except for hospital pudding), but cooked pudding trumps instant pudding eight-bazillion to one. Pudding from scratch is one of the best tasting, non-chewable, “foods” on the face of the planet.

2) Cooked pudding always ends up with a film on the surface. This pudding film simultaneously disgusted and intrigued me as a child. If it was broken up and mixed in with my dish of pudding, the grossness level landed somewhere between slugs and band-aids. But if I pulled it off and ate it by itself…

Buddy, that’s a primary school delicacy right there.

3) Pudding with stuff in it is generally a win in my book. AKA tapioca, rice, animal crackers…

4) Obscurely flavored pudding (banana, lime, cotton candy) does not have any purpose on planet earth… except as a possible adhesive replacement should there be a glue shortage.

5) Puddings that aren’t really pudding (those Brits again) are a definite yes. Bread pudding, plum pudding, Yorkshire pudding–the 18th century knew what was up.

What about you? Do you like pudding? Is pudding starting to sound weird now that you’ve read it so many times?

Should banana pudding be sued for vanilla pudding impersonation?

Keep those puddin’ heads in the clouds!



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