Super Duper Yumminess

Grab some Hawaiian Honey Rolls:
We’re talking yeast and fluffy carb goodness.
If you’re really awesome (and slightly granola) make some organic whole wheat buns with raw honey.

Cut an avocado in half:
Leave the half with the pit in a sealable container and save for a sandwich tomorrow (because you’re totally gonna want one tomorrow).
Lightly slice the flesh (don’t cut through the skin) lengthwise and crosswise, and flip the skin inside out.

Open a can of crushed pineapple:
I would use fresh pineapple, but it destroys my mouth.

Crack an egg into a heated pan:
Fresh farm eggs trump anything.
Fry in butter, coconut oil…. or anything you want really.

Place a piece of provolone cheese on the fried egg:
Let the cheese melt.
Flip the egg over and brown the cheese

Put the egg on the (toasted) honey roll, smash avocado on opposite side, top with crushed pineapple, and consume at a frightening speed.


Keep those heads in the clouds, y’all.



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