Five Thoughts On: being a decade after puberty

Long story:

Today I felt the need for some comfort. Like, the-way-your-mommy-hugged-you-when-you-were-thirteen-and-your-friend-said-something-mean, type of comfort. My mommy is out of town, (and I’m 22 for goodness sake) so I self-soothed.

Cue me sheepishly searching for WOW hits 1999 on Spotify.

Cue me frantically searching WOW ’00, ’01, ’02, ’03, ’04, ’98, and ’97. Yes, in that order.

Cue me realizing, thinking I counted wrong, then re-realizing that I am almost fully one decade away from thirteen-year-old me.

It’s weird.

I don’t like it.

Part of me still feels so connected to my thirteen-year-old self, but at the same time, I know if I were to meet that self, I wouldn’t be able to get far enough away.

All that said, I thought this would be a good topic for “five things”.

Thus, without further ado…

1) When I was almost thirteen, I called myself a dork… and I didn’t care what you thought. (Or so I said). Today I call myself a nerd, and I actually do not care what you think about that.

2) I finished my only completed novel. It’s called the Road to Matahoi, but c’mon… really.

3) Thirteen seemed really old, like hello! Teenager… but life wasn’t anything like Babysitter Club book covers (I wasn’t actually allowed to read them), Boy Meets World (the occasional episode I over-saw), or any of the other media-driven examples of pubescent life. (Just like my current life isn’t anything like Taylor Swift’s “22”).

4) In October, it will be exactly ten years since my appendix decided that it wanted to be where the people were. However, instead of going to a sea witch and being saved by a handsome prince, that nether region of my digestive tract decided that it should just explode. Fun stuff. There’s nothing quite like a gastro tube, catheter, and hospital gown to make a visit from your crush that much more embarrassing. Teen angst at its best.

5) When I was almost thirteen, I felt the first tugs on my heart for ministry. Jesus had a hold of me, and even in my hormone riddled brain, I knew that I wanted to go all out for Him. Not because I’m that great (I’m really pretty meh), but because He really is that great.

And there ya’ have it.

I would post a picture of myself… but that would just be a terrible idea ;).

Keep those heads in the clouds, y’all!



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