Often, Frequently? Or Often, a Person Who Has Lost Their Parents?

Oh, bother.

I do believe I have done it again!

I think the last five posts on this blog have been about how I will be posting more frequently, yet, to quote the Major General in the Pirates of Penzance, “You don’t go.”

Yet, in all good will and intended honesty, I quite earnestly intend to update more often. Often, frequently.

There. Done.


As this is my lifestyle blog, (oooh, ahhh, lifestyle) I’m going to get back in the running with a post about a few things I find quite nifty.

Five, per my arbitrary usualness.

1.) Warby Parker. I finally bit the bullet and ordered a pair of their glasses, and I LOVE THEM. I receive more compliments on them than any other pair of glasses I have ever owned.

2.) GoodWill. I have to keep myself from obsessively checking our Goodwill every day! I am particularly fond of the fabric section, furniture section, and shoe section-(especially after scoring a $150 pair of Sorrel boots for $3). I have no major issues with one for one models, but organizations like GoodWill and the Salvation Army offer a multifaceted approach for being able to reach out and help. You can take your own clothes and items, purchase discount clothes and items, and donate.

3.) Louisa May Alcott. Put all your self-help books aside for a day or two, and just let LMA’s real life advice chip away your crusty shell. Because you have to be crusty if you don’t like LMA.

4.) Ruby Jean Hopkins. A dear, bosom friend, fellow blogger, and phenomenal authoress. I look forward to someday sharing anecdotes on raising sheep.

5.) Big Mountain Tees. Whimsical. Tacky. Magical. Boss. Let’s just say that the whole family is getting one for Christmas.

Anyhow, that is my silly little list, and now I shall head on over to my other blogs!

Keep those heads in the clouds!



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