The Incredible Edible… Breakfast Sandwich

I love eggs.

My family often watches with a collective grimace as I experiment with new and exotic pairings of fried eggs, fruits, cheese, spreads, vegetables, and the perfect carbohydrate. A previous favorite is posted here, but today we are in full swing cranberry season.

And I love cranberries even more than I love eggs. If I could handle the bitterness of just sitting and eating a bag full, I would.

Last Thanksgiving, I was in the great abroad, but in their great love and remembrance of me, my family froze two bags of delicious cranberry sauce. After having eaten it on toast, on a spoon, and on a bagel, I decided to honor the humble cranberry by including it in one of my breakfast sandwiches.


How delicious!

The recipe is pretty straight forward.

Soft fry your egg: mine was somewhere between over-easy and medium.
Add Muenster on top and give it one flip to brown the cheese.
Top a lightly toasted piece of wheat bread with as much leftover cranberry sauce as you desire.
Scoop egg on and enjoy!

Try it out!

Keep those heads in the clouds~



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