A Year of Finishing

So… I’m really good at beginning things.

Really really good.

If you need an idea, call me. I have about a swimming pool full.

Though, my swimming pool is full of people without noses, half knit socks, empty picture frames, and poems that say “work on later”.

I’m not so good at finishing.

It could be that I lose interest easily. Or sometimes I think of something else, and the excitement of a new project overshadows that last little bit. Occasionally I just get too frustrated when something doesn’t turn out like I had it in my head, and I give up. ADD can be blamed for some of it (the TV is going as I write this, and I’m about ready to throw the darn thing).

Focus issues aside, we all know that breaking most of our less than desirable habits simply takes a good dose of the ‘d’ word.


So this year, instead of starting or resolving, I’m finishing. I’m taking things one project at a time (and believe me, I’m back-logged a good six years.) This blog is finally formatted more how I want it, and it will be my accountability. I’m biting the bullet, hunkering down, and turning my wasted time into production.

I WILL finish.

I will draw things even if they don’t turn out right. I’ll just draw them again!

I will become a better AND faster knitter.

I will learn to draft patterns more accurately, and complete at least THREE garments (specifics to come!)

I will learn to spin.

I will complete a novel.

And now you all know!

Project updates to come.

What are you learning this year?



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