Poms for Days

Yay for pom-poms. Like really. Who doesn’t love a big, fluffy pom-pom?

Furthermore, the best invention I have encountered in a while is a simple contraption that makes turning out perfectly orbular fluff balls possible!


On a whim, I purchased two skeins of Lion Brand Amazing yarn in Strawberry Fields on sale at Meijer. Like $1.97 on sale. Imagine my dismay when I fell in love with it, and tried to find more.

Note to self: always snap up doomsday quantities of $1.97 yarn.


The hat is just a simple stockinette stitch tube with a generous rib. I gathered the top, added a pom-pom, and voila! I love this colorway so much, I’m eking out one more project with the leftover half a skein.


Prepare yourself.

The next pom-pom contains so much cuteness, that if small children or puppies happen to be nearby, the time-space continuum may be disrupted in your vicinity.



This yarn was knit and frogged in a variety of iterations, and finally found its forever home as a funfetti beanie. Worked bottom up with a chunky rib and steep decreases, the pom-pom honestly is the star of this topi.


I mean COME ON.

I’m working on an Amazing beanie in the Arcadia colorway for my poppa, but he doesn’t want a pom-pom on it.


Poor little pom-less beanie.

Anywho, what are your opinions on pom-poms? Sans or pom-alicious?

Keep those pom-poms in the clouds!




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