More on ze Macaron

Yes, I might be a little obsessed.

My father is a lover of all things pecan, and as I have no valentine, I figured I would see if I could rig some sort of pecan turtle macaron into existence for my poppy.

The pecans worked like a dream (and taste amazing).


I sprinkled a little salt on the top to balance out the sweet. My family in general is not a huge fan of super sweet confections, and as you can’t really decrease the sugar in a macaron, I’ve been playing with complimentary flavors to make them a tad more subtle.

I’m planning on attempting some homemade caramel to fill these with as well as some cocoa nibs or a chocolate drizzle.

Valentine’s day is good for something.


I will be writing a more in-depth post soon… or maybe vlog… about how I finally made macarons work for me. It’s by no means a tutorial or instruct-able, but maybe just a little encouragement. We plebeians can turn out stuffy success too.

Try something new today, my little raindrops.

And always keep your head in the clouds.



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