A Bit and A Bat of Change

I don’t even know what that title means.

Just leave it alone.

Anywho. HI GUYS!

It’s been a while. Not my usual while; but a while nonetheless.

I was thinking today on my post about finishing things, and I realized that while I haven’t made much headway in completing the things on my New Year’s list (a la here), I have made headway in the finishing department.

Fortunately I kept my list somewhat vague… achievable, amiright?

I digress, the happy change I have noted, is that I am in the process of always finishing.


See, I have a gazillion personal projects–no joke, literally a gazillion. (How many zero’s…) so prioritizing those has been a bit huge challenge. Prioritizing is not one of my strong suits.

It’s more of a leisure suit.

The important thing, is that I am beginning to finish. Instead of being able to veg endlessly, now, if I sit down for too long, I have to go grab some crocheting or knitting or stitching.

It’s actually kinda nice.

And even though my itch for beginning hasn’t decreased, (resin crafting and doll faceups and embroidery, OH MY!) I’m learning, SLOWLY, that things can wait.

And that’s hard for me.

So I guess this is a check-in and a victory and a confession all in one.

I have a new job that I am SO excited about, but I have a premonition that it will take a gobble-full of creative energy, and I want you all to know that I haven’t forgotten you. Especially if I go silent.

Is there any of you?

Maybe not.

Either way, I’m hoping to bring back some contemplative posts, and I really want to post some pictures of the fetal stages of my New Year’s projects.

I guess I should go charge my camera.


Keep those heads in the clouds~



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