About A Special Boy Named Rhy Hynn

Back in the summer of 2008, a couple, dear friends of mine and I were having an imaginary romp in the forest when we found a ginormous, overturned tree. The roots reached up into the air, creating an effect that looked much like a giant umbrella on its side. We instantly decided that a stereotypical Lady of the Wood must live there, and why not make it a movie? This was the earliest stage of my mini series on this blog: Ryan Hood.

The exact transition to its full form I don’t recall, but characters were added as more friends were thought of, and satire became the theme. “How many story lines can we blatantly plagiarise, yet still keep fresh?” was quite literally my goal. A few political jabs are present, and are expected, especially considering that the early stages of the story were written by two teenage girls in an election year. Regardless of all this, our hero emerged–Ryan. A boy stuck at summer camp with his best bud, Chandler.

My brother was the natural choice for our leading boy–who else could I coerce and blackmail into a pair of green long-johns? (Remember this story started as screenplay) and other than Joe (Boy), Chandler (Chandler), Nick (Much), and Isaac (Tuck)–the only other available thespians were girls. Thus, the characters of Williamena Scarlett and Alena Dale were born–removing the need for more boys.

These two characters (Hayley and Julia respectively) began to furiously write the first episode and create costumes for the entire cast. Unfortunately, only one scene was ever shot, and Ryan Hood seemed to be just a fun idea and nothing more. But I had fallen in love with the stories–the characters, even though they were based in satire and humor, had come alive and had their own story to tell.

This is why I began to write the mini e-series: Ryan Hood. He has a huge adventure in front of him, and if you’re a long time reader, I thank you so much for loving these characters too! If you are a new reader, I would urge you to go all the way back to episode one. RYAN HOOD HAS HIS OWN HOME NOW. Go to The Many Adventures of Ryan Hood and check it out!

Mostly though, I hope you have enjoyed your stay in the clouds, and I hope you come back again!



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