When Life Hands You Lemons… Make Salad?

I’m somewhat stealing this post from my friend Chloe, but I came across the pictures today… so with full credit to her and her blogging- here, I will expound.

Last month I was visiting her and for lunch one day she made salad.

“You don’t have to eat the lemons.”

She had just thrown them into the mix of leafy greens, garbanzo beans, peppers, and carrots for color and maybe some juice, but I am the type of person who was raised to eat anything that was placed in front of me, regardless of my preference. So shrugging my mental shoulders, I stabbed a lemon with some lettuce and chewed it up.

It was good! Really good, rind and all. The lemon rind isn’t bitter like oranges are, and combined with the otherĀ vegetables andĀ balsamicĀ vinaigrette, the sour wasn’t overwhelming.

I thought it was interesting how life can be like that- we avoid the lemons, or try to sugar coat them, when in reality we should just try them. Who knows? You may actually end up liking them.

Try both this week; the real kind AND the kind life throws at you.

Pessimists pucker at lemons. Optimists smile and chew.

Keep those heads in the clouds~



The Fabric of Family Continued

I have had a very specific reason for putting off this follow-up post for so long. When I wrote the original “Fabric of Family” post, I had just returned home from an engagement party for my cousin and his fiance. This past weekend was their wedding.

I have the wonderful advantage of being close to my cousin and his wife. When two families are beautifully grafted together, I can only smile despite my general inclination to become melancholy at weddings.

Just yesterday I was talking with my new cousin-in-law Ruby, (my cousin’s sister-in-law). While both of us have the discouraging and morbid tendency to look at weddings as an end, as we talked, my mind was convinced of happier things. Yes, it is an end to the way life used to be, but it is also a beginning! A beautiful beginning that can only continue on. Friendships have been forged that won’t be broken. A union was forged through love and commitment. Things have changed, but I find I can embrace the change. Oodles and oodles of new friends and family have been woven into the tapestry of my life.

It reminds me of a quote from Nicholas Nickleby. Nicholas and Smyke had just been “adopted” into a large and colorful family of actors. As they sit watching the joyful chaos below, they make the following remarks.

“We have fallen on wondrous times…”

“But a good wondrous…”

That is how I feel right now. Regardless of any other doldrum-like thought I may be dealing with, I still feel like I have fallen upon good, wondrous times. My family has grown. As I sat, eating my potatoes and mozzarella during the evening reception, I found myself zoning. Ruby insisted to know what I was thinking (being a fellow dreamer), but at the time I really couldn’t put words to it. As I reflect now, it is becoming clearer. I was in a swirl of bliss. A sensory overload of swirling colors and emotions and love.

My life is changing… I’m changing… but with the growing pains comes a newness of life that feeds my very soul.

Keep those heads in the clouds, dear friends~


The Fabric of Family

Family is important…

You will find that this will probably become a soapbox for me.

Your family is the fabric that makes up your life. Your parents, your siblings, your cousins, uncles and aunts… These are the weft. Then the inlaws, the “related by marriage” these are the weave. Even the farthest strands nearest the edge of the tapestry intersect all the others at some point.
I was recently at an engagement party for my cousin. It was beautiful… yes, because of the young love; but mostly from the interweaving of families. Each and every person, both young and old, bringing their own color and texture to the weave.
There are many things which we do choose in this life, and some we do not. Our family we do not choose. I understand that some of us have fraying or broken threads in our families. Some poor unfortunates have barely any fabric to speak of. But I would dare to state that God has a specific purpose and plan when He weaves us into the mix.
Indeed, blood binds us, but I believe there is more. A weaving that was ordained before there was time. How else could we ever understand what it is to be part of our Lord’s family?
This soapbox will be continued, I have more to say on the subject of family, and our fight to uphold it… but for now I will leave it as is.
Our family is a precious gift, like a priceless tapestry… if it were to unravel, we stand to lose a great deal.


Keep your head in the clouds~