Super Duper Yumminess

Grab some Hawaiian Honey Rolls:
We’re talking yeast and fluffy carb goodness.
If you’re really awesome (and slightly granola) make some organic whole wheat buns with raw honey.

Cut an avocado in half:
Leave the half with the pit in a sealable container and save for a sandwich tomorrow (because you’re totally gonna want one tomorrow).
Lightly slice the flesh (don’t cut through the skin) lengthwise and crosswise, and flip the skin inside out.

Open a can of crushed pineapple:
I would use fresh pineapple, but it destroys my mouth.

Crack an egg into a heated pan:
Fresh farm eggs trump anything.
Fry in butter, coconut oil…. or anything you want really.

Place a piece of provolone cheese on the fried egg:
Let the cheese melt.
Flip the egg over and brown the cheese

Put the egg on the (toasted) honey roll, smash avocado on opposite side, top with crushed pineapple, and consume at a frightening speed.


Keep those heads in the clouds, y’all.



Five thoughts about one thing

In retrospect, my five favourite/favorite things post was fun… but I have changed my mind.

MY favorite things are too limiting. Nobody really enjoys a post like that unless those same five things happen to be their favorite things. And I want you all to enjoy yourselves.

Within reason.

I just had the carpets cleaned.

Anyhow, I decided to try something new. (In typical “me” fashion: bouncing to something else before the original new even grew legs.) ((Reason #3209 why I should become a nun.))

I am now going to post five thoughts about one thing.

Five… because we all know how much I enjoy arbitrary numbers, and the thing is left entirely to whatever is striking my fancy that day. I am open to suggestions as well.

Today’s thing is pudding.

Yes, I was eating a Snack Pack while the idea came to me.


1) Most pudding is good–(except for hospital pudding), but cooked pudding trumps instant pudding eight-bazillion to one. Pudding from scratch is one of the best tasting, non-chewable, “foods” on the face of the planet.

2) Cooked pudding always ends up with a film on the surface. This pudding film simultaneously disgusted and intrigued me as a child. If it was broken up and mixed in with my dish of pudding, the grossness level landed somewhere between slugs and band-aids. But if I pulled it off and ate it by itself…

Buddy, that’s a primary school delicacy right there.

3) Pudding with stuff in it is generally a win in my book. AKA tapioca, rice, animal crackers…

4) Obscurely flavored pudding (banana, lime, cotton candy) does not have any purpose on planet earth… except as a possible adhesive replacement should there be a glue shortage.

5) Puddings that aren’t really pudding (those Brits again) are a definite yes. Bread pudding, plum pudding, Yorkshire pudding–the 18th century knew what was up.

What about you? Do you like pudding? Is pudding starting to sound weird now that you’ve read it so many times?

Should banana pudding be sued for vanilla pudding impersonation?

Keep those puddin’ heads in the clouds!


The Lemony Writer… No, Not Lemony Snicket

I have felt very much like a lemony writer lately, almost a lime-ish writer but not quite. Because you all are probably baffled by now, and thinking I have probably lost my mind (all the cool kids are doing it), I will expound.

My ideal, and the place I am generally at in the absence of school work, is what I like to call the ripe peach writer. All I need is one good bite, and the creative juices come running out. I feel like writing, the writing comes, ahhhhh…. inspiration.

The place I have been stuck for this last semester, is the slightly more tiring lemony writer. I have to squeeze myself to get the words to come out. They’re there, mind you, they haven’t disappeared, but in the ceaseless flow of reflection paper after reflection paper and essay question after essay question, my precious ideas have bottled themselves into little capsules waiting for me to work up the stamina to wring them out. In the past two days I have read two books and written two book reports. Tomorrow the tally will be three. The collected words from the respective authors are taking the precarious seat in the front of my brain: easy to file, easy to fall, easy to never return. I suppose I should be glad that my own thoughts are taking up a more permanent residence in the lemony pockets in my brain, but… ehh, maybe I should invest in a juicer.

Fortunately, the lime-ish writing state seems safely away with the end of the spring semester drawing near. Anyone who has ever juiced a lime can guess at what I mean. I’m sure there are VERY juicy limes out there, but the type I happen to hit generally take some work before they relinquish their nectar. In fact, a firm squeeze rarely does any good. Results are won only by digging the fingertips deep into the lime and violently demanding payment. I’m not sure if my poor little noggin would survive that abuse.

No, I look forward to the day when my genius *giggles* becomes a peach again. Though I have to say that I infinitely prefer lemonade to peach juice. Perhaps the struggle makes it that much sweeter. Either way the words will come, and when they stop, I’ll pray for more.

~Noggins in the clouds people!


When Life Hands You Lemons… Make Salad?

I’m somewhat stealing this post from my friend Chloe, but I came across the pictures today… so with full credit to her and her blogging- here, I will expound.

Last month I was visiting her and for lunch one day she made salad.

“You don’t have to eat the lemons.”

She had just thrown them into the mix of leafy greens, garbanzo beans, peppers, and carrots for color and maybe some juice, but I am the type of person who was raised to eat anything that was placed in front of me, regardless of my preference. So shrugging my mental shoulders, I stabbed a lemon with some lettuce and chewed it up.

It was good! Really good, rind and all. The lemon rind isn’t bitter like oranges are, and combined with the other vegetables and balsamic vinaigrette, the sour wasn’t overwhelming.

I thought it was interesting how life can be like that- we avoid the lemons, or try to sugar coat them, when in reality we should just try them. Who knows? You may actually end up liking them.

Try both this week; the real kind AND the kind life throws at you.

Pessimists pucker at lemons. Optimists smile and chew.

Keep those heads in the clouds~


The Simple Things

The other day, I had a mini-epiphany. A mini-epiphany is something akin to an epiphany, but it’s not quite original enough or earth shattering enough to be considered quite the whole thing. Kind of like when you forget to register Microsoft Word, and you’re left with the reduced function version… anyway-

It was a day or two after Christmas break started, and I was enjoying being disentangled  from school. My first semester of college has been good, but I tend to be the type of person who enjoys discovering what her day brings, rather than planning every detail, then carrying it out.

So on this day, already on my mind, was the absurd satisfaction I find in having a large pile of tarped wood sit outside our house. It looks like we’re trying to hide an elephant out by our wood burner, but every time I see it, I feel a connection with every other family, past or present, that relies on an ample supply of wood to get them through the winter. My Laura Ingalls Wilder (that I don’t have to dig very far to find) surfaced with a vengeance. I almost ran upstairs and threw on my hoop skirt- yes, I do own one. However, I opted to grab some apples instead.

We have a large box of Granny Smith apples sitting out in our laundry room, and since they are probably one of my favorite baking “mediums” I started peeling…


I had forgotten how much I love to bake. It felt so useful. It was only apple pie and cran-apple crisp, but I felt like I had accomplished more in those two dishes than I had in my entire first semester.  I honestly believe that it is the simple things that last. The rosy red cranberries clinking into the metal bowl will be the same today, tomorrow, even fifteen years from now. It is so nice to do something you enjoy, and have it benefit others… life doesn’t always work like that, but when it does, I hide it in my heart.

In our world, we don’t appreciate the simple things. They might look silly in the eyes of the “worldly wise” or the “driven achievers” but they are the things that make life beautiful. What are some simple things in your life this season?

Keep those heads in the clouds~



The Quest for Contentment (and Cake)

We live in an age where contentment is rare.
For some, contentment is synonymous with settling… never wishing for bigger or better things.
I myself find it difficult to be content. I wish I could travel more, eat more, weigh less, own a kayak, have a beau, impress more, have a higher viewing count on this blog. As I dwell on these things, I find myself becoming increasingly unhappy. So many people ALREADY have and do these things; why not me?!
Unrest is a sticky trap… we are told we need more and more and more. Then and only then, will we be happy. Unfortunately “then” never arrives. The “more-est more” never satisfies. We are stuck in a perpetual ring of discontent.

“Whoa whoa whoa!” You may be saying. “If all the great minds in the world were content, where would the world be? No electricity, no great works of literature, our current mode of living would be grossly primitive!”
Allow me to clarify that contentment does not mean complacent. Furthermore… contentment is NOT the opposite of ambition.

Contentment is merely a way to RESPOND to our situations- Ambition is the fervor with which we pursue those situations.

I can be content AND have ambition! Ambition to save up for my new kayak… but also contentment, to function at peace regardless of whether I have the kayak or not. Ambition need not accompany unrest and stress. Likewise, contentment need not equal complacency and (gasp) laziness.
Unfortunately, in today’s world, contentment is a lost virtue. Some may even label it as outdated… but I KNOW that regardless of its lack of glitz and worldly appeal, those who remain content with their situations, lifestyle, possessions, will always be one step ahead of their “straining and grasping and pining away at the next best thing” friends.

Contentment is to me, a most beautiful and lovely gift… wrapped in brown paper.

Kind of like my favorite cake 🙂 It’s brown and rather homely… but I prefer it to any cake in the world. Imagine if my cake was always upset about not being red like the red velvet cake, or annoyed that it has no frosting flowers like the cakes in the stores… it would cease to be my favorite cake if I were to add these things.

So in conclusion dear friends… perhaps start your own quest for contentment. Maybe kick it off by making some cake.

Keep your head in the clouds and contentment in your heart~


Content Oatmeal Cake

1C quick cooking oats                                 1 1/2 C flour
1 1/4 C boiling water                                   1 tsp baking powder
1/2 C butter                                                    1/2 tsp soda
2 eggs                                                                1/2 tsp salt
1 C brown sugar                                            1 tsp vanilla
1 C white sugar                                              1 tsp cinnamon

Pour boiling water over oats and let stand a few minutes. Combine butter, vanilla, eggs, and both sugars; add oatmeal mixture. Sift together remaining dry ingredients; add to mixture. Bake in lightly buttered rectangle cake pan at 350 degrees for 20 to 30 minutes. While cake is still hot, pour topping (see below) over top. Run it under the broiler, long enough to slightly brown.


3/4 C brown sugar
1 C coconut
1 C nuts (I use pecans)
1/4 C milk
6 T melted butter
Vanilla (I have a heavy hand when it comes to vanilla)

Combine all ingredients, spread on cake, and proceed as directed above.

Credit for recipe goes to the Pleasant Hill Shaker Cookbook and Mrs. Alna Braun
*Next in woman of worth series: Pie Crusts and a Perfectly Lovely Legacy*